Punch Needle Christmas Trees

Punch Needle Christmas Trees
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Materials and thorough instructions for at least 2 sweet and merry Christmas trees. There are several options to choose from:

Trees made with a

fine embroidery punch needle (such as an ultra-punch needle) and Valdani (always hand-dyed, always colorfast!) 3-strand embroidery floss,

fine embroidery punch needle (such as an ultra-punch needle) and Appletons crewel wool,

fine Oxford Pumch Needle and Appleton*s Tapestry Wool

regular Oxford Punch Needle and hand dyed DKWright Wool.

The set contains thorough instructions with lots of picturs, a foundation cloth (muslin for embroidery and rug warp for the regular punch needle), cotton fabric to line the trees, wool or floss to do the punch needle work, 2 natural wood discs for the tree base, wooden skewers, assorted beads and stickers, a piece of gardening wire.

You will still need: a punch needle or embroidery punch needle, gripper strip frame or Morgan no-slip Hoop, plers and clippers, acrylic paint and brush, glue.

Please select the variation right for you and text me with any questions!

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